Friday, October 18, 2013

He doesn't leave us in ashes.

 {the boys deer-hunting 2012}

I am looking forward to this weekend.
Mr. Nielson will take my boys to the mountains to "hunt" 
(or camp- since they are not taking guns).
My boys are so very excited! 
They have been talking about this all week- It's consumed their minds. 
(I even got a call from Nicholas' teacher telling me that
Nicholas couldn't stop talking about it}.
My girls are also excited because while the boys are away, 
we also have a few traditions of our own here at home.
where I blogged about one of my favorite talks given by Linda S. Reeves.
I was directed to Brett and Courtney Aitken's blog where I found my favorite
part of her talk quoted and designed to print.  It's darling!
 {I am going to print it out and frame it next week}
Please read:
I have been burned to the ground- literally.
I know that Heavenly Father loves me.  He didn't leave me in the ashes.
He saved me and has blessed my life through my trial and continues to love and
watch over me and my family daily.
These past few days have been so simple and wonderful
 {even when Lottie woke up this morning with throw-up all over her sheets,
 pillows, blankets, dolls and books inside her crib. Oh, and the crib too.} 
I feel so thankful for my life and the small simple joys.
{even when yesterday, Lottie took her diaper off
 in her crib instead of napping and
smeared you-know-what all over her sheets, pillows,
blankets, dolls and books inside her crib. Oh, and the crib too.}
It's full of happiness, light, peace, and love.
Sure we still have hard times,  for example,
 I have an infection on my leg that hurts really bad, and may need a graph.
Regardless, I have so much to look forward to, so much to
enjoy and so much to love.

Have a great weekend!!!
* * * * * * 
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