Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall break weekend and stuff

{Lotties leggings  are the the best that has ever existed}

 Hip hip hooray for the weekend!
 Today I will be speaking at the
 2013 Utah Women's Conference in Salt Lake City.
I am honored to be speaking with the likes of Dr. Condoleezza Rice.
Tomorrow is the annual BYU homecoming parade/game.
This is a huge family tradition as you will recall {here, for example}
It is also the children's Fall Break.
Yesterday, we kicked off the holiday by eating french toast by the fire,
staying in our pajamas all day and later I hosted seven little LOUD boys
for Nicholas' 7th birthday party.
The weather here in Provo has been cloudy and stormy!
You know I LOVE IT!
Have a great weekend!
* * * * * * * *
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