Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Claire is TWELVE.

She's beautiful and she's twelve today.
My dear Claire Elizabeth is a big girl.  
No really, a big girl.  
A big milestone for this age is that she is now in "Young Women's" at church.
{If you are not familiar with "young women's", it is a organization in the 
Mormon church for young girls ages 12-18.  Find more about that HERE}
This is kind of a big deal.
This is also the age when I tell my children that we are no longer going to have
friend themed parties.  On Friday we are going to be partying one last time 
with some very special "guests" (I'll blog about that later}.

I love her, and am so amazed at her 
uniqueness that contributes so nicely to our family.
She is sensitive, loving, nurturing, compassionate, brilliant and very creative.
I don't know what I would do without her little spirit in my life and home.

For Claire's birthday, I am presenting her with some very special things.
One of those things is this talk that I nicely printed out for her.
It's an amazing reminder of who she is and who she can become.
I also asked all of her aunts {19 of them!}
and grandmothers, {godmother too} to write her a personal
letter with words of wisdom, advice or their simply their testimony of Jesus Christ.
These letters can be opened anytime and will hopefully be a huge strength
to her as she matures and develops.

Happy Birthday Toad!!