Wednesday, October 09, 2013


This is a public thank you to Lottie who patiently comes 
on all errands with me almost everyday.
Today, Costco was fun until the free samples ran out and the clock struck 12:15.
That's the bewitching hour for this napping child.
 If I go out to run errands I have to leave the house by 9:00 or
Lottie will fall asleep, probably in the car while
 driving home from those errands.
 If Lottie falls asleep in the car (or in my arms at the store),
she won't fall back asleep in her crib when we make it home, and where I
try to carefully transfer her from her car seat to her crib.
If its a unsuccessful transfer, nap time is over and 
I can't check my e-mail, do the dishes,
or pick up the mess I left in my house because I left early in attempt
 to get my errands done before nap time.
Did that make sense?
If you have or had children or take care of children, 
this might make perfect sense-
or sound very familiar to you.
Lottie skipped today's precious nap time because I left the house at 10:15, and
subsequently ran three errands- which was three errands more than I should have.
just as I turned up the street to my house her head began bobbing and then 
she was in dreamland.
I tired to transfer her, but it was a failed attempt.
 No-nap days prove to be very long days indeed.
  No errands for us tomorrow.