Thursday, September 05, 2013


I took the Little Nies (minus Ollie and lottie) to parent teacher conferences.
My children all have such great teachers, 
and we are so excited about this new year.
While I was in Claire's conference, Jane walked into our conference 
about four times to tell me that Nicholas was on my phone 
(when I told him he couldn't be on it).  
I told her four times (equally frustrated, yet patient) to please 
(maybe I didn't say please the last two times)
NOT to come in the room and that we would be done in about ten minutes.
During that time apparently Nic took about fifty selfies:
Then when I was in Jane's conference, I could hear Nicholas 
and Claire outside the room fighting over the phone- 
(the phone I told the children NOT to play with).

Then I decided while in Nicholas's conference to take my phone with me and it rang
five times and I was getting text messages every three minutes.
I decided to turn it off.
And when we were done, I forgot to turn it back on.
While my phone was off, my niece Lindsay texted me to see if 
I wanted any treats from

the Sweet Tooth Fairy,  where she works.
I never got the message.
I pretty much hate my phone.

My phone's screen has more cracks in it than not.
The speakers don't work and it's been thrown in the toilet numerous
times by baby Lottie.
It's time to upgrade.

* * * * *