Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Sailing weekend

 {September sailing on Utah Lake}
 Now that Labor day is over, I can officially 
bring out my sweaters and boots!!  I love this time of year!
Mr. Nielson and I took some of our dearest friend {the Linebaugh's},
sailing last Saturday on Utah lake.

The weather was calm and the temperature perfect.
We also took the little Nies out yesterday, but after going out of the harbor, 
Mr. Nielson decided to turn us around and go back.  
It was a little too windy and treacherous for our little family.
The children were disappointed, but exhausted anyway, so we went home 
took a nap and went to Krispy Kreme instead.
The children were just as excited about that.
We are hanging on to as much summer left as possible.
As much as I LOVE the autumn time, I am a little sad about
the summer fading away. 
 It's fun when Lottie only wears her white onesie around the house,
or when the boys run around without shirts on.
I also love getting my mail without shoes on.

Farewell summer!
{Amber also cut my hair in the parking lot after lunch}