Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My season.

Last night after tucking the children in bed,
 I went to my room to put away my shoes.
There was evidence that Jane had been reading on my bed.
A glass half full of juice sat on the nightstand and elastics from her
 long orange hair along with her yellow hair ribbon and her book; 
"Fairytale collections" lay on my pillow.
I picked it all up and then my heart hurt.
She won't be little forever.  She won't be reading simple fairy tale's forever.
She won't be reading on my bed forever, and I won't get to put bows and elastics
 in her orange hair before school forever either.
She won't ask me to pick out her outfit the night before school,
 or sit at the table and color and talk to me while I make dinner.
This is all going too fast- way too fast.
I am so thankful where I am in my season of life.  Sure it gets really hard sometimes.  Like when I really want to exercise alone but find it too impractical to leave Lottie everyday so I can go to yoga class.  I have to find other ways to exercise- or simply not exercise at all.  
Sometimes I go a week without rolling out my 
yoga mat or putting my hiking shoes on.
Making dinner gets frustrating sometimes and I wish everyone would
 disappear for a few minutes until I can ring that dinner bell. 
{I don't really have a dinner bell, but think that would be sweet if I did.}
I always have a child walk in on me or knock really hard on the door while 
I am going to the bathroom.
Sometimes I load Lottie up with crackers and Curious George just so I can
get in the shower.  But she always follows me and tries to get in
 with me after she is dressed for the day.
But at night when I lay my head down next to Mr. Nielson I want to cry because 
I am exhausted from hard work. 
 Family is hard work, but it is the best hard work that ever existed, 
and I wouldn't want it any other way.  
I am grateful for a supportive husband who works hard next to me.
I am grateful for a body that can bend, stretch, move, and create each day. 
I believe God knows where I am in life and 
will bless me with the things that I want to do,
 but can't do right now.  Like exercise for example (again).
It will come in other ways, and when a day comes 
along when I can get a sitter for Lottie
 so I can head to yoga, I will be grateful for that day.
Or else I will continue to wake up at 6:00 am and hike the Y 
while everyone sleeps at home.
I also know that there will come a time in my life when 
I will have more time for myself.  
It's all about seasons and we can't and shouldn't rush the seasons.
All in good time.
 * * * * * *
My sweet friend Martha converted all of my family home videos into discs.
Best move I ever EVER made.
It has been so fun watching, laughing, and sometimes crying at my childhood, 
my siblings, my wedding video, my children's births, 
and life before my accident has been especially sweet and nostalgic.
The holidays are coming and I believe this would be the best gift you could 
give someone you love.
You should check it out HERE