Monday, September 02, 2013

Heaven's view.

Ollie sat by me during church yesterday.
He quietly fiddled with his toy cars, drew some aliens on a paper 
and tried to listen the best he could.   
He also bounced his legs up and down, asked me to rub his back, tickle his face,
 and play tic-tac-toe.
When the last talk was said, the organ began to play to 
signal the closing of the meeting.
Ollie sat up straight, opened the green hymn book up and I pointed to the 
words as we sang them.
 I swear a little angel was next to me.
His pure innocent voice rang in my ears and brought tears to my eyes.
I couldn't even finish the song, I was so choked up. 
Our children will be subjected to so much crap this world will feed them.
They need direction, love, and support.  They need parents.
They need God.
I will never forget today as long as I live.
His voice brought peace and hope to my soul.

"For one brief moment, heaven's view appears before my gaze.