Monday, September 23, 2013

Cure the kids!

Lets work together and help spread awareness for all cancer children!
 The campaign starts today and the
goal is to raise money for Cami and spread awareness for all cancer kids.
Please go HERE and donate or help!
Read about Cami's inspiring and beautiful touching story HERE
I know the amazing outreach the blogosphere and internet has!!
My family and I have been tremendously blessed by it.
I know we can do the same for this family and others who 
are in the same situation!
* * * * * *
I just finished reading a very emotional and beautiful
story about another sweet girl, Katie who had cancer and passed away from it
on the day I had my accident. (August 16th, 2008).
It's a beautiful read and very helpful and therapeutic for those suffering.
I highly suggest reading it-
(click on photo below)
Cancer sucks.