Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Charlotte enjoys a bag of lunch chips every now and then.
Cheetos, Sun Chips, and Frito's are among some of her favorites.
I think she just likes to have the bag in her hand as she walks around the house.
She mostly likes to take them out of the bag and examine the shape 
and then put them back in the bag.
The chips are for the other Little Nies lunches but Lottie probably 
thinks the stash is for her.
Lottie followed me around the house today-chips in hand as I
picked up after the children left for school.
Then I sat down and began preparing the lesson 
 that I am giving in church on Sunday. 
 Lottie sat next to me sticking her chubby fingers in and out
of her chip sack and then dropping them into a empty cup.
This happened over and over, in fact I almost got my whole lesson planned.
I love having her home with me.
I am so grateful I can be home with her and she can be my house buddy.
We do everything together and I can safely say,
she for sure likes me the very best.
And I think its not only because I give her chips.