Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Before the light goes out.

Last night I tucked the girls into bed.
Jane always says "mommy" right before I shut off the light.
That's how I know something has been weighing on her little mind.
Tonight she wanted to know about the events on 9/11.
She was sad about the innocent people who died.
I was sad too.
We discussed and I could see the worry on her face melt away.
{photo Blue Lily}
The most important things are said right before I shut off the light.
She tells me about something her teacher said, a scary story, drama with friends,
 a pain, a sickness, a tummy ache, a headache,
something that made her happy or sad or whatever.
I hope I will always be around so I can kiss my girls goodnight and I hope
that Jane will always feel comfortable asking me
about whatever is on her mind right before that light goes out.
Even when she is a big girl.
I hope when the time is right Jane will find a husband who will 
help her feel safe before she goes to bed at night.  
Just like Mr. Nielson does for me now.
I hope he will reassure her, comfort her, push her, encourage her, and 
love her for all of her beautiful talents. 
Just like Mr. Nielson does for me now.

A year after the accident, My dear friend Mindy Gledhill gave
Jane singing lessons. It was Jane's dream come true.
  Mindy has been such a support in my life.

Mindy is having a "Hometown Release Concert" 
September 18 & 19 at Velour in Provo, Utah.
You can get tickets here.
Mindy has such a warm heart, I love her and I love her music!