Friday, August 30, 2013

The weekend Résistance

Its' the weekend- a long one for us- it's Labor day on Monday.
I think we will use the last few hot summer afternoons/evenings sailing 
at the lake before it gets too cold for us.

I am looking forward to going on a date with Mr. Nielson and NOT
looking forward to Saturday.  Saturday is when we "help" the children get 
their Saturday jobs done.  It's the worstttttt!!
They fight, procrastinate, resist, argue with each other {and me},
and finally when they have done their dreaded jobs, they ask me to pay them.
I am getting myself pumped up for that right now.
I have to have huge amounts of energy and patience!
Seriously, it's exhausting.
But It's part of being a family, and someday I will look back at these 
times and laugh- I am kind of already chuckling at a few doozies they
pulled last Saturday.

Have a great weekend!

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