Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter to Mr. Scout Master Nielson- my husband #3

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Guess what I did last night?  Well, first I put the children to bed and then I got out my old journals from when I was falling in love with you and I lay in bed until 2:30 am reading them.
I found May-August 2000 journal.  That is the best journal ever.  Inside are a bunch of goofy one liners about how in love with you I was.  I read about our first kiss, and when we went to Lake Powell and decided we wanted to get married.
Remember that night?  We were on the boat under the big beautiful sky of glowing stars.
You looked at me as we lay side by side rocking slowly in the water and said:
"I can't wait to take you to Arizona and tell my family I found the girl I am going to marry and have babies with".
Do you remember saying that?
I wrote what you said in my journal because I was so excited!
At the time we still were dancing around the topic of marriage even though I thought about it just about every single moment.
In my journal, I write about the many nights my mom would call your cell phone
(I didn't have one yet) at 3:30 in the morning and ask for you to bring her daughter home.
I hated leaving.
Remember we would kiss and hug and kiss and hug and repeat that several times
before getting into the car on those late nights?  Hated leaving so bad.
I am so glad we don't have to do that ever ever again! 

 {Look at our beautiful girls.  We made them!}
I fell asleep so happy because my dreams came true and I married you.
I have a beautiful family just how I always wanted.
I have a comfortable life.
I get to stay home with our children, just how I always envisioned.
Sure we have had a few bumps here and there.  Actually a few BIG HUGE bumps, but I wouldn't trade a single moment without you in my life.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate our FIVE year anniversary of the accident.  And I mean CELEBRATE!  We are alive and still going strong.  Nothing can keep me and you down.  Ever.

See you soon baby!