Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letter to Mr. Scout Master Nielson #2

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Day two- I wonder how you are doing and I wonder what you are doing every second I can.
I hope you are having fun and enjoying those fabulous freeze dried meals.  Yum
I haven't cooked since you left.
You know me when I am into a project- nothing else matters.
We have had cereal, yogurt, fruit and go out for dinner.
I've been going through each child's closet seeing what needs to be bought for this upcoming school year.  Claire needs shirts while Jane is in desperate need of pants.
The boys are pretty set but all the children need undies and socks.
Oh, Claire needs some shoes. 
Jane just inherited about four pairs of shoes from Claire.
It's nice to have sisters so close.

I cut some of the girls sweats today because they were getting so short on them.
They tried them on and looked like the Hulk.  We laughed for a good 15 minutes straight.
Our girls are getting older, and I have so much fun with them. 
We talk, laugh and they are noticing things that big girls notice. 
I am not sure if I can explain it better than that--they are just getting older and it's making me happy.
I made the children get rid of some things in their closets that are too small or worn out.  That included the pj's you gave Jane about four Christmases ago.  She was so sad to say goodbye along with about 5 stuffed animals. 

I told her I'd take some photos of them so she could remember them forever.

My plan and goal is to go through the entire house and clean out everything!
 It's going to take me a good month- especially with Lottie hanging around me, but it is doable.

I check the mountains everyday to see if they have changed colors yet. 
I am obsessed with Autumn and fall colors, as you know.
 So far I haven't been able to spot anything, but the trees are getting lighter,
which means color is next.  I can't wait.
I am writing down in my journal all the things that I want to talk to
you about when you get home.
I don't want to forget.
I love you mucho!


PS...I fell asleep thinking about you playing the trumpet at your house in Mesa.