Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I {heart} missionaries!

Last weekend we invited the full time missionaries over for a visit.
Charlotte ran around in her diaper and the boys dumped out all the leogs they own
in the center of the room and made intense jet sound effects the whole time.
Hey, I have an idea!  
Invite the missionaries in your area over for dinner or somesing.
They are pretty rad people and we intend on having them over at 
least once a week to see how we can help move the "work" along.
I am going to be doing as much missionary work on my blog as possible.
I have found so much peace and happiness through the 
and I want to share that with all who want to hear it.
There is a reason we have nearly 
75,000 full time missionaries all over the world
teaching a message that brings hope, peace, happiness, 
and truth in families and lives.
And EVERYONE needs this stability and hope.

To find your local missionaries go HERE.

P.S. this is spooky!  Make sure that if you run into
LDS missionaries  that they have
 TAGS that look like this:
Also to note:
If you are not Mormon and would love to know more about
what we believe or request to read a copy of our beloved
Book of Mormon, I will be happy to send you one-no charge
and to anywhere in the world with my personal testimony.
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go HERE!