Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Has this happened to you? {In a letter to Mr. Nielson} #1

Dear Mr. Nielson,

 {me and Lottie, after everyone calmed down}

I wonder how your first day at Scout camp went.
I thought about you a lot today as I went about my normal daily activities.
Just to have you around to talk to about whatever is nice, and I miss you- even though you haven't even been gone a full 24 hours yet.
I took all five of our Little Nies to Target today to get the school supplies.
Yep, me and all the other mom's in Utah county!  It was crowded!!

This year it was nice to give Claine their school lists to get
what they needed while I supervised Ollie and Nic. That took a lot of the pressure of me.
Lots of pencils, paper, and erasers this year.

About 5 minutes into the shopping, Lottie pooped.  It was horrendous.  I was smart enough to get 2 carts.  So we put her in one cart with a bag of fish crackers to keep her busy for just five minutes longer while we tried to hustle our efforts.
Five minutes turned into fifteen minutes and she was tired of being in the red cart eating crackers.
Whenever any child found something on their list they would ask me if it was right.
So, basically I was saying: "Hu hu" or "yep" or "great" "throw it in" "right"  you get the point about every 5 seconds.

Our carts were filling up and so was Lottie's' pants.  
By the end I told everyone to just get whatever and hurry.
I asked Claire to take Charlotte to the car while I purchased the items.
It took about 5 hours to check out.
I went to the car-which I could have found with my eyes closed, It was the car with a screaming baby.
I found Claire trying to change Lottie's pants. She was squirming around while Claire tried to hold her little legs down, and bless Claire's heart, poop was getting all over the seats in the car.  I could feel my hands sweat and my heart beat.
I had two carts full of stuff, a screaming baby, poop on the car, and to top it off, the boys were fighting- what's new?
(I said a prayer in my heart)
I asked the girls to load the car with our stuff while I finished changing Lottie.
Then Jane yelled:
"Mom, there is already stuff in the back of the car!"
I walked with a naked Lottie around to the back of the car to find about 5 huge boxes full of your stuff for the house in the back taking up the room.
I encouraged Jane to stuff as much as she could in the back and the rest up by every one's feet.
I finished changing Lottie's little bum and wiping down legs and hands (she is at that stage where she likes to put her hands down "there" while we change her}  Awesome.

I had poop on my hands now and needed to wash them.
I ran back into Target to wash my hands, but the toilets were out of order.
With poop on my hands and so frustrated, I ran back to the car to find half the grocery's had fallen from the overstuffed back and out onto the road and the girls picking it up.
I dumped almost an entire bottle of disinfectant onto my hands, picked up the rest of the stuff, calmed down the boys, thanked the girls, and sped home since we were about 45 minutes over nap time.
Of course Charlotte fell asleep on the drive home (picture me hardly touching the steering wheel), and we were starving.
Of course all the grocery's fell out the back of the car when Ollie opened up the back to help bring stuff in, and of course that woke up Lottie who didn't go back to nap, but instead cried for the next 1/2 hour.

Of course.
So we took her outside in her diaper and let her play and touch everything outside.  The weather was cool and breezy.  I laugh as I type this story for you.
Everything seemed to intense at the time, and I was so crazy.
Now it's funny and I keep thinking about how much I love our children.
I also think about how thankful I am that another school year is coming and I am around to help shop, prepare, and enjoy all of these fun time with our babies.
But, of course I missed telling you everything in bed as we lay down our heads with the windows open, crickets chirping, and our fan blowing full blast in our faces.