Thursday, August 22, 2013

Celebrating five years with the gnats!

Last Friday, Mr. Nielson and I celebrated 
the five year anniversary of our accident.
We decided to spend the morning at the temple. 
(go here to learn more about Mormon temples}
It was a beautiful day, and I was filled with gratitude all morning.  
I was so thankful that I was holding hands with my husband. 
 So thankful that I was walking, moving, zipping up my dress, holding my
 temple bag- doing things that five years ago was impossible.
That evening, Mr. Nielson and I took the children out to eat.  
I decided to dine in a short skirt without tights.  OoooooOoOOh.
My girls were so excited I think they told everyone they knew.
At first I felt silly and gross and ugly.
But then I remembered that these legs are pretty darn amazing.
They survived something pretty horrific and I still have them.
I changed my mind, and felt proud of them the whole evening.
We dropped the children off at my brother and sister-in-laws home (Matt & Katy).
Then we drove to Utah lake where we spent the night on the AuroraMark boat.
The sunset was glorious.  
We went further out to the lake, dropped anchor 
and went inside the cabin to enjoy some chocolate cake.
I looked at the wall near the cabin light and saw a few large gnats. 
 I mentioned the bugs and Mr. Nielson got out his handy dust buster.
He began zipping them up and the we looked around for more.  
We didn't see anymore on the wall because they 
were all on the ceiling of the boat!  
I think I screamed.
They were just harmless gnats, but holy moly they were 
disgusting and I lost my appetite.
There was no way we could vacuum up the amount of bugs on the boat ceiling, 
so we decided to go and sit on the deck of the boat and hope that 
the gnats find their way out of the boat.
After about three minutes on the deck we were getting bombarded with gnats.
You could swap your hand in any direction and hit at least 12 thousand gnats.
We booked into the harbor as fast as we could.
We feared that our romantic anniversary was ruined.
Just when we decided to depart the boat, we noticed the bugs were not around.  GREAT!
We sat on the top of the boat talking for three hours, then decided to 
sleep in the boat in the harbor- with the late late night fisherman 5 feet away,
and their Mariachi band music playing.
But best of all, that night we talked about our blessings, 
our accomplishments, our pain, our faith, our memories-the good and the bad- 
and our beautiful family we created.
 {A good looking group right there!...
nurse Kelly is the tall drink of water in the back. 
One of my favorite nurses. EVER.  She is mentioned in my book}

Of course per tradition, I sent my favorite burn center in the world-
AZ Burn Center
some of my favorite cupcakes.  I wanted them to know how much I love them
and how grateful I am that they saved our lives.
I will forever be grateful to them, and I always want them to know it.
Thanks to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for hooking them up with the best cupcakes
known to mankind.
* * * * * * * 
And also to my readers and supporters:
Thank you for your endless support and prayers.  It means so much to me,
to Mr. Nielson, and to my children.
We love you!