Friday, August 09, 2013

Bluewater Days- 5th and final day

Today was our last full day at the beautiful Nielson ranch in New Mexico.
For our last day we had a family bonfire 
on the hill behind the ranch house and enjoyed
smores and roasted candy (gross).  
We also sang songs as a family from the 'Nielson family Ranch Songbook'.  
Some serious classics in there.
Since I have a HUGE cold sore on my lip, I didn't sing but instead 
cried a little bit and was super grumpy.  
It didn't help that someone in the group had the worst ranch gas 
I have ever smelled and Lottie kept hitting her little head on my lip.
I went to bed feeling like the wicked witch of the ranch.

Our family took a family photo (s).
I had to share all three attempts.  Check out Ollie.
{We make such cute children, I should have three more, at least}
Also this afternoon, Claire and I also played scrabble.  
I gave up, and decided to teach her how fun it is to write 
messages with the scrabble pieces instead.
For the next 1/2 hour Claire and I wrote messages to each other.
She spelled out the three boys she likes in 6th grade,
 but would KILL me if I posted that information.
Before the family had our little bonfire/singalong, 
Mr. Nielson spent all day tearing an old ranch barn down.  
We are using this 95 year old wood to refurbish for our hard wood floors.
This is going to be so exciting, beautiful, and so sentimental.
(more about this later)

Two of our nephews came to help us.
Also to note, these two nephews are some of my favorite. Ever.

{Colin and Tate...ladies, these boys will be ready to date in a few years}

 I am so grateful for each person in the Nielson family. 
Each baby, each child, each adult, make this family amazing.  
I thank God everyday for my membership in 
It's such powerful knowledge to know that families are forever.
This knowledge is never-ending and so encompassing,
and is available to everyone and anyone who believes it.

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE
(One of the greatest blessings we can offer to the world
 is the power of a Christ-centered home}