Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bluewater Days 2013 Day 4: Thursday

Day four brought rain in the afternoon.
It was much needed for the ranch but also to me, because I love when 
it gets stormy and dark and thunderclouds roll in.
Before the rain, I got in about 400 photos of Lottie posing 
with the ranch horses and in front of the barn.
I also gathered the teenagers together for a mini dance party out on the lawn.
Pretty much no one danced, except for when cousin Molly picked Lottie up.
 We also kicked it on the porch for a good 2 hours during the rain storm.  
Then Mr. Nielson hit golf balls out into the wilderness and played with Lottie.
I also took photos of Mr. Nielson and his brothers try and salvage a
 barn that had blown down from a recent wind storm.

 And the evening ended with the Nielson talent show where Claine showed off their
darling pioneer skit they wrote.
They used words like "reckon" and "supper" and "tonight's social"
a lot in the play.

Hang in there, tomorrow is my last Ranch Review....whew.

PS...this day I discovered I was going to have a massive
cold sore on my lip.  I was right. I woke up the next morning with 
a HUGE bubbly on my lip.  It was- and STILL IS, very painful.