Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Bluewater Days 2013 Day 3: Guest house

Day three was about the same as day one and day two.  
The Nielson's all wake up to Boss Nielson's
famous eggs, cream and cinnamon 6-grain cereal and pancakes.
Breakfast is made and put out for anyone to 
share and have, but Boss starts breakfast
early, so if you don't come downstairs between the hours of 6:00-7:30 am, 
he is out the door and on to his next project, 
and you'll have to fend for yourself.
{Which is really a shame since his oatmeal is to die for}.
Today we painted the old ranch guest house near the barn.
This home was built in in the 1920's and Boss has preserved it.
Everyone helped paint, clean, or do something productive to make it livable.
Actually, I take that back, I didn't really help, 
except for coming over periodically
to check on everyone and say encouraging words.
I'm good at that.
Besides, Lottie wouldn't let me put her down.
 A view from the guest house.
 Check out this amazing sky
 Uncle Pedro and his cute daughter Perry take a break
to check their work (or phone) with Lottie and Mr. Nielson
After dinner, Mr. Nielson, uncle Pedro and I went to shoot our guns.
I shoot a Walther P22.  
I can handle the gun quite confidently with my limited hand use.
I nailed a few empty milk gallons.

Then Lottie got a darling new hand quilted blanket from Aunt Sarah.
She was really excited about it- honest she was!

But I was more excited.
Each night my little family would sneak over to the guest ranch house
and I would lead everyone in family yoga.
My girls were especially excited about it.
Ollie tried it with us the first night and the next morning was complaining
about his "6-pack" hurting, so he opted out for the rest of the week.
Have I ever mentioned I love doing yoga with Mr. Nielson?