Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Bluewater Days 2013 Day 2: Land of Enchantment

 Day two at the ranch was spent outside riding 4-wheeler's 
{in AZ they call them "quads"}, painting my annual paint-by-number, 
swinging on the porch swings with cousins, sisters, and brothers.
And, in the afternoon when the dark thick clouds covered the sun, 
Mr. Nielson took me on a lovely 4-wheeler ride- just the two of us. 
I also showed him my amazing trick of driving the 4-wheeler with my feet. 
 It's really a talent.

 When we returned from our romantic getaway, 
the children all were waiting for us on the porch.   
I took the children one at a time on the machine around the ranch,
while Mr. Nielson returned to his tractor project creating "Pete's Pond".
I sat on the porch and relaxed with Lottie and her cousin Fritz (2 days apart).

Soon after, I heard screams (of excitement) and Oliver and his cousin Cal
 came running into the yard with a dead baby rattlesnake. (RIP)
Boss Nielson had found and killed the snake because
 it was too close to the homestead.
Oliver felt like a true Nielson cowboy learning 
how to cut the rattle off with his pocket knife.
 After, the boy cousins buried the snake near their tree fort 
up on the hill behind the house.

A little later that afternoon, Uncle Peter 
(Mr. Nielson's oldest brother.  Sometimes we call him Uncle Pedro),
found a mini- Gerald.  
Remember Gerald our toad?   
Gerald sadly passed away last April, 
but this little toad that Pete found was darling
and exactly like our dear little guy.
My children especially longed to bring him home.
But we let him go back where we found him.  
 The ranch was beautiful and vibrant and I feel so blessed to be a Nielson.
There is nothing like this ranch.  
 Then I came inside and found Liz cooking again.
Did I already mention she made really amazing food the whole time?
 My little ginger and I hung out a lot this ranch trip.
Mr. Nielson was busy working on projects and the other children played 
with cousins from sun up to sun down.
So, I found myself taking lots of photographs of Lottie.  
Her hair color was especially vibrant behind the endless blue sky, 
green sagebrush, and orange dirt.  
This is the 'Land of Enchantment' for sure.
 {Awesome gold moccs on Lottie HERE }