Monday, August 05, 2013

Bluewater Days 2013 Day 1: Horses, horses, horses

Mr. Nielson and I pulled up to our cozy little home in Provo yesterday evening.
We had a wonderful, colorful, safe, and beautiful Nielson family reunion at 
our ranch in New Mexico.  
I am going to take the next week and document 
our time at one of our favorite places on earth.
Day one was spent near the barn on the horses and with cousins.
Each little Nie rode a horse alone.  I was so proud of my cowboys.
 Boss Nielson shows us how it's done.
 Then GrandMary and my girls swung in the barn while Mr. Nielson dug a big hole which will someday be "Pete's Pond" where we can catch frogs and swim- if we are brave enough.
 Meanwhile back at the homestead, Liz prepared lunch for our group (65 plus).
Liz is a good cook.
Day one was a very good one.

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