Monday, August 26, 2013

A hard decision

As a new school year came so did another year of ballet for Clane.
The girls have been in a wonderful ballet academy for nearly three years.
This year we decided to stop.
We thought long and hard and made it a matter of much prayer indeed, but ultimately came to the conclusion that our family time was more important.
I understand that if you want to be good at something you must put the 
dedication and time in that it takes to fulfill that.
While I am sure the girls would absolutely be dedicated, 
I wasn't ready to give up the family time.
Especially dinner time.
I believe for my family to be successful we need to be with each other as
 much as possible- especially around the dinner table discussing our day, 
sharing our highs and lows.  
I believe that this will be absolutely essential for when our 
children become teenagers.

My girls miss ballet.
They are talented little girls, and I believe God will provide 
a way that they can still feel talented and special through dance.
Ballet has helped our girls become strong, independent, feminine, and 
learn to move and hold their bodies respectively and confidently
I am grateful for that.
They will take what they have learned and apply that in everything
they do socially and spiritually- that, I am certain.
Mr. Nielson and I feel direction and inspiration for our family daily.
This was one of the promptings we felt as parents.
I know the Lord will never lead us astray, and I am sure this
decision will bless our family.  
If we 'listen and obey', we will always be happy.  Always.
 {photo: Justin Hackowth}