Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend plans and announcements:

I have had three sick children (throw-ups and all) in my home. 
This weekend is crazy and busy and a lot of other emotions.
On Sunday, we are headed to Arizona.
My brother in law (Projector Dave) had an accident on the 4th of July 
and is in critical condition in the hospital.  
Words can't express the grief I feel.  
But I also feel hopeful that everything will be fine. 
I don't even really want to blog about it.  
We will probably be in Arizona until Tuesday when we will fly to our 
next speaking engagement to a group of fine youth in the mid-west.  
It will be a busy weekend packing and preparing.

I do however, have some announcements to share:
1. Now is the time to order beautiful glass stars for Christmas gifts.  
If you do, use code: CHRISTMASINJULY2013 for 20% off your order.
Also, along those same lines, have you considered having a star made 
for your families annual "Back to School Feast"?  
Mr. Nielson and I choose our theme and have the 2013-2014 school
 theme engraved in the center of the star 
where we display it proudly in the kitchen.
To guarantee you have yours for the start of the new school year, 
 Mr. Nielson and I also have personal stars made for each child.
{Last year's school theme}
 {Last years Back to school feast}

2. Have you tried Girlie Glue?  
"The hair accessory
glue--no hair necessary! Fancy possibilities are endless with a
dab of girlie glue." 
Perfect for your baby or a great gift!

See you next week!  Have a good weekend!

PS...This is photo made me laugh for hours. 
It looks my hand is really small.