Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend at the Lake House Days: 3, 4, & 5

 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we spent most of our days in beautiful Navuoo, Illinois.
Friday, Mr. Nielson and I spoke to hundreds of youth.
Its always an honor to be asked to speak to them.
I feel so thankful to share my story and the miracles I've experienced.

We spent one evening watching the Navuoo Pageant.
This amazing play emphasizes the prophetic mission of Joseph Smith and
honors the sacrifice, faith and courage of the Saints who gave all they
 had to build a city and a temple to God.
We also saw Aurora and Jeff who were the best part in the pageant:
 Friday,  after we spoke to the youth we took the children to see the
 beautiful Navuoo temple.
 {Posing with a beautiful young woman at the fireside}
Saturday and Sunday we spent the afternoons with Mr. Nielson's sweet Aunt and Uncle
(Elder and Sister Ballard).
They showed us around the darling town, narrated wagon rides, and hugged us tight.
They are serving a their LDS mission in Nauvoo and miss their family so much.
It was so nice to have them on hand to enjoy this amazing experience with.
After church we parked the car so Lottie could get out and jump in the puddles
with her big sister Jane.  
The other little Nies eventually joined them.

Then we visited Carthage Jail, where the prophet Joseph Smith was killed.
It was a humbling and very spiritual experience-
(except for when Lottie dropped the entire contents of my purse in the room 
where the Prophet was killed DURING the sister missionaries testimony}.