Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekend at the Lake House Day 6

Monday was our last and final day here at the beautiful Lake House in Missouri.
The children spent all day playing from sun up to sun down (again) in the lake.
Later that evening, Mr. Nielson and I had a quiet family home evening 
where we shared our testimonies of Jesus Christ and the beautiful trip we 
just experienced together as a family.
Hopefully they will think back to the 
stories of these amazing pioneers here in Nauvoo and the trials and 
hardships they encountered- all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I ended my testimony by telling them that we can do hard things.  
We were made to endure trials and tribulations, but would be able to do it 
triumphantly if we stayed faithful to the choosing the right everyday.
Each child bore deep testimony of their amazing experience or when
 they each felt the spirit.  I was proud a proud mother.
I love my children, my family, and the Gospel.

Then we cut the brownies I made earlier that afternoon.
Then, Mr. Nielson "threw" all the children in the lake.

Except for Nic and Lottie....of course.

Then I put Lottie down for the night and the fireflies 
came out and the full moon shone down on our little family.
Then we all went skinny dipping family style.
I told them this may be the last time we ever do that together.
I think they understood why.
But Mr. Nielson and I snuck back out to the lake to do one final
swim together.  It was the most romantic moments of my life.
The water was so warm, the moon exquisite, and I was safe with my
Mr. Nielson.  He is truly the most wonderful husband and together we have 
such a beautiful family.
I'd expand further, but fear I would embarrass you.

Adieu lake house!

***Happy Birthday to my amazing brother Topher!!!***