Thursday, July 25, 2013

Week at the Lake House Day 1

 Mr. Nielson and I took the little Nies to St. Louis where we were met by 
the dashing Mr. Stroud at the airport at midnight.
Mr. Stroud picked our family up and generously took us to his home
 where we met Mrs. Stroud, who kindly gave us their 
entire basement for the night.
In the morning, we met some of the little Strouds who played with
 my children and showed us the many amazing toys they had. 
(tree house, hidden dress-up room, in-house movie theater...etc). 
Then, Mr. Stroud took the little Nies up to his amazing lake house hidden among 
the Amish people and corn fields.
This lake house is nothing like you have ever seen.
The children immediately wanted to put on their swim gear 
and get in the 96 degree water.
The amazing memories began.
Mr. Nielson and I both agreed this was our favorite family vacation to date.

Enjoy today's worth of photos- mostly us on the impressively high slide.
I will be blogging the next few days about this amazing vacation we enjoyed in the mid-west.

Note: we all got in the water, and we all 
(but Nic and Lottie) went down this slide.  
We discovered how much faster you go if you
 give your self a snuggie- or better yet, naked.
{which I did not photograph}

 Mr. Nielson tried the slide every which way:
 Then Jane got sunscreen in her eyes- even before she got in the water.
It was very dramatic:

 Then I put my swimsuit on 
 and jumped in with the children.
Most fun ever:
This is me. 
I am proud of me.

***Happy Birthday to my brother Andrew!!!!***
{sometimes I call him Leo or Leonard or Drew}