Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The day I turned 32

My birthday was a very special day.
Mr. Nielson made me stay up past midnight so he could be the first to wish me a
happy birthday- he always does that. 
For breakfast, Mr. Nielson took all of us to find the 
Waffle Love truck for breakfast. {It travels around town.}
After we took the children home we put Lottie down for a nap and went to a movie
together.  It was fun to be with just Mr. Nielson- and driving around
on his motorcycle.
After the movie I made Mr. Nielson take me to the Honda store because 
I REALLY want a dirt bike.
Yes, someday I will have one.

Mr. Nielson and I took the children and dinner and went to the park.
The day was wrapping up and into a very beautiful evening.

We put the children to bed and Mr. Nielson presented me with two presents.

1. THIS (which wont happen until late August)
2. A very romantic darling poem.  I would share it with you, 
but it might embarrass you.

One day older and wiser too, happy birthday to me!