Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We are headed back to Utah this morning.
We had a nice visit with projector Dave in the hospital.  
He is making amazing progress and miracles are taking place daily in his life.
It's amazing what faith and prayer can do.
God is in control, and that knowledge is so powerful in times of trouble and trial.
Our family has been blessed by so many miracles, 
I cannot even begin to write about them.

Tomorrow my little family will catch a flight to St. Louis.
Mr. Nielson and I will be speaking to a group of youth about our experiences.
I am grateful for these opportunities in my life.  
I love to publicly thank and praise God and His infinite goodness and wisdom 
Seeing Dave today in the hospital and actually talking to him is another
 testament of His love for us-His children.
I believe and always have- that Dave will recover.  
He will see his children married, his grandchildren born, and
he and I will be doing yoga again- just like before.
I took him a yoga mat to help motivate him.  
I want him to look at that mat and see life.  
I want him to see that life is worth living and worth fighting for.
Dave and I have something in common.
We both have a second chance at life.
And we both are taking it.