Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Headed to the wide open spaces.

Mr Nielson and I loaded up our little Nies again- this time bound 
for the wide open sky of New Mexico.  It is the Nielson family reunion.
I look forward to this week mostly because 
I get to sit in Mr. Nielson's back pocket and hang out with him all day long
 (except for when the Boss needs him to examine some 
random cow poop for his studies}.
 At the ranch, we will shoot our guns, wear cowboy boots, 
find snakes, ride motorcycles and horses, make-out on the front porch swing, 
go skinny dipping in the water tank, 
enjoy afternoon thunderstorms, talk with family, and sleep under the stars

The car ride is long and annoying, but the trip is well worth it.
I might not have internet, probably not-but I will try and blog if I can.
Otherwise, I will be blogging next week about the ranch 2013.