Monday, July 01, 2013


So, it didn't exactly happen on my birthday, but my wedding rings
 and watch were found the day after my birthday!!!

Here is the story:
Friday afternoon I was rushing my children into the car because 
we were late for an appointment.
We were waiting on Jane who was unusually slow.
I honked.
I honked again.
Almost instantly she came running outside screaming. 
Her face was bright red and she was running toward
me with gold items in her hand.
I opened the car door as she approached Mr. Nielson and Lottie following.
"I found them, I found them, Mom! I found them!!"

I jumped out of the car and picked up Jane with tears in my eyes.
I promptly put them on and then recalled back to that evening at the river when 
I put my jewelry into Charlotte's shoes INTO CLAIRE'S SHOES.
I forgot that I had put them into Claire's shoe.  
Jane was looking for her sandals in her room, frustrated she 
dumped the whole shoe basket over and out plopped 
Charlotte's moccasin out of Claire's shoes.

It's all making sense to me now.
I was heartbroken that evening when I couldn't find my jewelry and 
everyday until they were found. As a wedding gift, my grandfather 
(Papa Layton) took me to a downtown jeweler where 
he wanted the wedding ring he gave my grandmother
 (Nana Aurora- my namesake) fitted to my finger.
This wedding ring is so amazing.  My Papa asked my Nana to marry him 
in the 20's...depression era.  The diamonds are glass, 
which to me makes that ring even more special.
I will never change them to real diamonds.
Then there was my wedding ring that Mr. Nielson gave me on September 30, 2000.
Inside is a special inscription as well as the tally marks that represent 
every anniversary we've had.
Twelve of them so far.
I am so glad they are back in my life!

Happy July!!!!