Monday, July 15, 2013

Be Good

Mr. Nielson, the children and I rolled into Mesa late last night.
The heat verified our arrival.
We are going to be visiting Projector Dave 
at the hospital and visiting with family.
We drove into Prescott on our way to Mesa, 
and I thought so much about the recent fires that took 
the lives of the 19 firefighters.
It made me really sad.
 I recently learned about a website that helps one of the victims families.
The story mad me cry.
Firefighters will alwyas have a special place in my heart.
But those who parish from fires break my heart in two.

Please read, help, contribute, and pray for all those involved.
I can't imagine the heartache and pain those who lose loved ones suffer.
I imagine it is unthinkable.
My own experience was hard and the love and support
from complete strangers made the burden lighter to bare.
And I will never forget it.
{Ashcraft family}

Be good today.