Thursday, June 20, 2013


This morning I attended 6:00 am yoga with Katy.
It was invigorating.  In fact, with each movement I said to myself
"this is invigorating".
Yoga has been so good to my body.
It's gentle and powerful.
I was so excited because I finally sat my bum on the backs of my legs.
I haven't been able to do that since the accident.  
It's been on my list of something I've wanted to do again.
Jessie, our instructor was amazing.  
She was so soothing to listen to.  Her gentle voice reminded
 everyone in the class to let go of everything
that was buzzing around in our heads.
I had a lot "buzzing" around in my head.
Like figuring out and learning to balance my life so that 
the things that are most important 
{God, husband, children} get the right amounts of time 
and everything else comes after that.
It's hard- especially with the new "special project" I am working on,
upcoming speaking engagements, summer vacations, and work.  
Today yoga's practice not only opened my mind on how to 
find time and balance, but it was a great workout.
I haven't worn a swimming suit since the accident- yet.
(well, I did wear it once in the hot tub with Charlotte, but no one saw me)
I still find issues with my scarred and uneven skin.  
During practice, I took my long shirt off and wore my tank.
It was much cooler and more practical for our sweaty practice.
I felt fine.
At first maybe a little uncomfortable, but then I didn't care and
 all I could think about was how awesome it was that
 I was sitting on my knees again and moving my body.
And maybe just maybe I will put on my swimming suit again this summer.
I hope you are loving your body.  I hope you are taking care of it.
My body has come back from something so horrific, 
but can do everything I ask it too.
At the end of class Jessie played some very inspiring music and
 I lay there with tears in my eyes.
I am SO thankful for my body- scars and all.
I am new to 3B yoga in  Provo.  
I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years, but new to
this studio and instructors.  It's been a wonderful-wonderful experience