Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the "B" word.

Summer is here, whether I like it or not.
I heard "I'm bored" 5 times today.
That is a bad word in our house.
If I hear bored that means jobs for the perpetrator.
Don't say bored here.
Mr. Nielson took the children on an errand so I could get in the shower, 
make my grocery list and menu for the week, oh and make my bed.  
Those things must be done on a Monday morning.
I never got in the shower-the whole day, I didn't make my 
grocery list and just went to the store to get me through a 
few more days without having to make a list, BUT, I did make my bed.
Tomorrow I need to sit down with my children and
make some ground rules for summer.
Like not saying "I'm bored...ever" or leaving without me knowing, or selling Kool aid on the side of the road in my nice glasses while I am at the grocery store.  You know, those types of things.

I gave Oliver full dibs in the garage to find whatever he wanted 
to make and dress up as a astronaut. 
 I haven't been down there to 
know the damage done while finding whatever it was he used to make his costume.
But I think I saw some of Mr. Nielson's tools attached to his costume. Yikes.

Charlotte slept in until 9:30- I was crazy excited I didn't know what to do, 
so I paced in front of her door until she stirred.  I was worried she wasn't breathing or something.
I definitely wont do that tomorrow- if she sleeps in again!
{Freshly picked Moccs, a mothers must-have}

* * * * * *
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