Monday, June 10, 2013

Sundays in Utah

On Saturday afternoon, I was somewhere on the highway driving back to
 Utah from our week long visit in Mesa, Arizona.
I got a text from Elizabeth, Mr. Nielson's sister.
She said this:
I said a bad word- in my head.
How does someone leave a laptop? I use that thing everyday.
I can't decide if I am mad or happy.
Mad that I left it and how could I have been so stupid.
Happy because I don't live and breathe the computer.
Its a good toss up.

Luckily for me, I have kept my old laptop and am using it 
until my other one comes in the mail. (Thanks Mary!)

I want to recap blog about my time in Arizona.
The people I met, the people I saw, the places I went, and my adventures there.
(but you will just have to wait because the photos are on the laptop}

But for  now, enjoy our Sunday evening dinner.
Utah in the summer is amazing.  Simply amazing.
Nothing better.
I still smell the Russian Olive trees and now the wild roses behind our swing.
It was the perfect temperature and my children are darling.
If I didn't have to be pregnant, I'd had seven more...(maybe more like three.)
My girls {clane} are gorgeous.  I couldn't get Claire to look at me and smile normally.
She was busy laughing a some joke she made up that involves eye-crossing.
{I love that Mr. Nielson is stuffing potatoes into his mouth...mmmmm delicious}

Thank you for your responses on my special project.
I have closed the survey down at this time.
Now I am analyzing data and finding the girls I need for this project 
I can't wait to share with you.  Thank you for your help!