Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sleepy time for Charlotte

Last night I put baby Charlotte to bed at 8:30 like I always do.
But unlike the normal, she woke up an hour later screaming.
I think she had a bad dream, 
although I am not entirely sure babies have bad dreams.
I like to think they are still reminiscing with the angels and 
jumping from one fluffy white cloud to the next.
I went into her room and picked her up out of her crib.
She was sweaty and she sniffled in between heavy sighs and breaths.
She settled down as I held her in the rocking chair 
in the corner of her little dark room.
My eyes were just adjusting to the darkness and
 I looked down to see this warm ball in my arms.
Her eyes shut and her breathing still and silent.
I looked away out the window but in the corner of my eyes
 I could see little black eyes looking up at me.  
I looked back down to Charlotte who quickly closed her eyes.
I looked away again and again in the corner of my eyes I 
could see her little eyes wide open staring at me.  
I looked down at her again, and this time she shut her eyes and held them tight.
I laughed.
We did this a few times more before I started chickie on 
her face and she really fell asleep.
I could tell because her body went limp and heavy.

I love that girl.  She makes me so happy.  
She reminds me of my accomplishments and my blessings.
She blesses my life daily and teaches me patience and gives me energy 
to live my life in a positive and happy way.  Often I don't feel that way.  
God knew what He was doing, and I am thankful I can trust in Him 
and know everything will be just fine.
He trusts me to be Charlotte's mother, and I trust Him to tell me
how to mother her in the way she needs.