Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Of course.

Last night Clane went scorpion hunting.
{Scorpions are gross and I hate them.}
The girls had a very long pair of tweezers and were
armed with a black light.
 They managed to collect 25 live scorpions 
(even two mommy's with dozens of babies on their backs....sick!}
They put these scorpions in a cup.
Then Claire decided she wanted to transfer
 those 25+ scorpions to another bigger jar.
Of course she wanted to do it during the Nielson family gathering when 
like maybe 45 family members were over.
Of course half of the children didn't have shoes on.
Of course you know what happened next, right?
They spilled.
All we heard was screaming and chaos and crying and running.
The men picked up babies and the barefoot children 
while they ran around the room
stopping on the fast little creatures that 
were scampering off all over the room.
Mr. Nielson said the menfolk got all of them. 
I am not so sure about that.
I am sleeping with almost every part of me covered up.
I am so nervous one will be in my shoe or in Lottie's crib.
My last visit here to the HOT state,  I went to reach for my lufa in 
the shower and low and behold a 
scorpion was resting on it.  I about died.
Lindsay told me she found one in her toilet the other day.
I am sleeping with one eye open tonight.