Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's getting festive over here

Today I received some beautiful starts from Piggy & Dirt.  
Beautiful festive, 4th of July Stars!
I immediately hung them up in my windows.
While I did that, I let Charlotte eat three pieces of bubble gum.
She chews it-really she does, then spits it out- 
so then I can't decide what is worse, 
Lottie ingesting gum or gum in my carpet.

The stars look fabulous in my kitchen window.  They make me so happy.
These are patriotic, magical, and simply beautiful.
Check out the new designs  HERE.
This year I ordered these:
And, something fun this year, Bunting Boules, 
which I hung across my big window!
I pulled out the good 'ol flags to go up my walkway, 
and put the flag buntings out on my door and under my windows.
This is such a great holiday.
My pain is better.  I feel more energetic- so much so that Mr. Nielson and 
I stay up until 1:00 every single night talking 
and/or watching FNL and eating cereal. 

Then Mr. Nielson drove the AuroraMark (our family sailboat) to the house so we 
could clean it up for the summer.
But, instead I pulled up a chair and Lottie and I watched Mr. Nielson fiddle 
with the instruments on the boat and stuff.
We will do the major cleaning tomorrow, I guess.
Can't wait to take lots of fun photos of my children not wearing
their life jackets.
Just kidding.