Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In the details

Last weekend, Mr. Nielson went camping with our boys so
I piled my girls in the car and we drove north to Salt Lake City.  
I needed to run a few errands and 
 make my monthly Trader Joes grocery shopping trip.
{Me and Christian summer 2000...we hadn't kissed yet.}
In that short 45 minute drive from Provo to SLC, 
my girls were asking me questions about 
how Mr. Nielson asked me to marry him, where it was, what I wore,
 and what he wore.
They also wanted to know when we first kissed and held hands.
I was pretty giddy explaining everything to them.
It really took me back. 
 I still remembered everything about every last detail in our courtship.
Everything, like when he kissed me, what I was wearing when we smooched
exactly where we were sitting in the movie theater when he held my hand.
Even what perfume I was wearing and the type of chap-stick in my pocket
{mac tinted lip conditioner.}
Makes me smile as I type this.

I am grateful I made good choices growing up.
I wanted to be married to a respectful, kind, loving man.
I knew I'd find him if I lived right as a young woman.  
I told my girls that making good choices, living and keeping 
their bodies healthy and pure would always benefit them for good-always.
This will also guarantee resilience when the hard times come.  
And they will come.
And they know that.
It was a beautiful chat and I was on the edge of tears the whole time.
The sun had set and we drove past the temple
Instead of going home, we parked the car, threw Charlotte in the stroller 
 My girls had never seen it before.  
They closed the building at  9:00 and it was 8:59 when we ran in.
It was quiet and reverent.
I don't think I could express my feelings 
I felt that very moment with my three beautiful girls.
 I want them to feel those similar sacred feelings in our home
until they are old enough to go to the temple and experience it
for themselves.

As you recall, I saw the real Christus in Denmark last May

 * * * * * * * *
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