Friday, June 07, 2013

Green screen

Today Mr. Nielson and I had a few doctors appointments.
I always love going back to the Arizona Burn Center.
Lots of memories, both sad and triumphant.
I was honored to shoot a commercial for the Burn Center.
So, if you live in Arizona you may see my mug on TV.
(I will be blogging about this more later) 

 {Then Mr. Nielson and I crouched down low and took a
 picture in a cardboard Porsche it was pretty sweet. }

After, the Jonesons played all evening long.  Mr. Nielson, Spencer,
 Lindsay and I talked and watched our kidlets play, swim, and ride ATV's in 
swimming suits.  Good times for us and for the children.
It never gets old, and there is always something to talk about.  
All of a sudden it's 1:00 in the morning and the children are crashed 
(still in swimming suits) all over the house and our eyes are getting heavy
but we can't stop laughing and talking about our dream homes.
Good times.