Friday, June 21, 2013

Flippin out for Friday.

I did it.
I can do a back flip on the trampoline again.
I haven't tried it since my accident. 
(Which will be FIVE years on August 16th)
I still have a little list of things that 
I want to do that I haven't since the plane crash.
{LIFE A/C...after crash} 
Doing a black flip on the tramp was on that list.
Yesterday, I walked out to my backyard where the tramp is,
 and just decided to do it- and I did it, and that was that.
Then I decided to try all sorts of sweet tricks.  
It wasn't scary at all. Well, maybe at first.
I channeled the inner cheerleader and maybe pulled a 
few toe-touches and back handsprings to boot.
No was around to watch me, but I had to show someone.
So after my family finished dinner, I told them all I had a surprise for them.
I ran to the trampoline and preformed my tricks.
My girls clapped and were so excited for me.
Mr. Nielson was taking photos, and Nicholas wanted me to teach him.
Ollie was visibly disappointed since he thought the
 "surprise" would for sure have been a treat.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, "cool mom."
The Nielson's are thrilled it's the weekend.
The kids get to enjoy movie night and get to drink any kind of soda they want.
This only happens once a week.
Have I ever told you that I hate the word "soda."  
It’s dumb.  I hate "pop" too. 
I think "soft drink" is worse than pop, but better than "soda." 
My mom calls her drink of choice "black death."
Our family calls it "wowee."
From now on, I will refer to it as: WOWEE.
 * * * * * * * * *
Have a wonderful weekend!
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