Monday, June 03, 2013

A letter to YOU

Dear YOU,

Lately, I don't sleep.
I have had this idea in my brain that won't go away.
I am getting more inspiration and ideas than I can handle.
But, I will need your help.
For the time being, I am not going to be sharing any ideas or concepts about this project.
However, if you or someone you know of has a physical limitation  
that would be interested in working with me on a project 
could you please GO HERE and fill out the attached form?
Also, please attach a photo and send it to

I am searching for brave women from the ages of 15-100 
who have overcome and live with physical limitations.
I want to know stories and how you or your loved ones deal with pain, 
disappointment, heartache, and continue to carry on.
Could you please help me.
If all my ducks line up, this is going to be a huge, amazing, inspiring project.

Again, you can find a link to the survey HERE.

Thanks in advance!
Carry on!