Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh Instagram!

You know you've had a hard day when at the end of the day
 you go to take your contacts out and you can't. 
They were stuck to my eyes.
I pinched and pulled and tugged at my lids to try and release the suction.
Then I cried.
I think I got beat up on my instagram today.
I get snarky comments on my account all the time.
But today was different.
Some people today went too far.  That's not cool.
Sure I let those comments come and go and don't let them affect or hurt me- too much.
But I am human and I do get annoyed.
What these few had to say went way beyond my boundaries.
AND had NOTHING to do with the photo either.
I couldn't take it anymore!
I would never let someone come in my home and talk to me that way.
Why would I let them do it on my Instagram account where 
my children like to frequent.

I just want to thank the wonderful, uplifting, kind, encouraging, loving, friends who gave me a Instagram pat on the back that I needed to finish up the day and move on.
I realize we are all different.
I realize we all have different life experiences.
I realize that pain and suffering is everywhere, but I also realize 
that we all have our own choices to make.
I make choices everyday. 
I am a good mom.
I love my children.
I teach my children about goodness, beauty, and truth.
My family is learning and growing everyday.
I am a very lucky woman who has amazing people behind me, love me, 
teach me, and support me.
And I know evil is everywhere and good always wins.
This knowledge is enough for me, and everything else falls into place, as it should.
No matter what people say, I know the Lord loves me and is proud of me.
I know I have a husband who protects me and tells me everyday 
that I am a good mother and wife.
And I believe him.