Friday, May 31, 2013


Happy weekend to you and yours!!
Today the children had the annual end of school dance/festival.  
This is an awesome tradition our elementary school has every year!
 {Jane wouldn't turn around for me to snap a photo}
{Charlotte did this the whole time. B O R I N G}
 {This was the best I could do with Ollie's performance
can you spot him?}
{Nicholas thought I was in the crowd facing the wrong way.  
Totally missed his face...what's a mom to do?}
 {Claire dancing cowgirl}
I was sad to say goodbye to the fabulous teachers who spent so much time and effort with my children- but I am confident we will have just as wonderful teachers next year too.
{Claire's Beautiful teacher Mrs Hatch-perfect teacher for Claire!!}
{Nicholas and Mrs. Whitaker- easily the best teacher at Wasatch, a legend}
 {Jane and Mrs. T- another Legend at school, and also a family favorite}

 I didn't get a photo with Oliver and his sweetheart teacher because 
apparently Ollie told me that I took too long getting to his classroom 
after the festival.
 I think he was just super excited to be done with school and out of there.

We are headed to the sunny state of Arizona this afternoon
I am visiting with doctors about options with my 
sweet but sloppy digits and hands.
We are piling the children in the car and driving to Flagstaff first,
 where I will be addressing a group of young adults. My favorite audience.
Then on to Mesa on Saturday where the children are excited to 
be with Arizona cousins and friends.
Packing for these trips are the worst.
Coming home from these trips are even worst-er.
Driving in the car with a one year old is worst-a-rama.
But as I type this, the children are picking out DVD's for the car ride- 
that is helpful.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
I am blogging about something important on Monday.  
I need your help too.
Be on the lookout for that.

Happy weekend!

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