Monday, May 27, 2013

Doctor of the year

 I am very proud to announce that my Dr. L. is the 2013 MIHS 2013 Doctor of the year.
Below is his press release.  I highlighted my favorites parts.

 * * * * * * *
Salvatore Lettieri, MD, FACS, has been named as the 2013 Physician of the Year after being nominated by several colleagues. Dr. Lettieri has been Maricopa Medical Center’s Chief of Plastic Surgery and Director of Burn Reconstructive Services and Craniofacial Trauma for the past 13 years. Dr. Lettieri was nominated by his colleagues for being a creative and skilled reconstructive surgeon combined with his ability as a compassionate surgeon who always puts the interests of his patients first along with developing lasting relationships over time with both his patients and their families.
Dr. Lettieri also has a history of answering when called upon regardless of call schedules, {or texts from annoying patients…I added that} vacations or scholarly travel, even canceling personal trips in order to perform complex, emergency surgery cases. Dr. Lettieri also has the uncanny ability to interact and set patients and their families, from all walks of life, at ease. 
In addition, Dr. Lettieri plays a pivotal role in the education of medical residents and medical students at Maricopa Medical Center and is respected by his colleagues for his work ethic, problem solving ability and technical skills. 
Highly respected among his peers and Maricopa Medical Center’s operating room staff, Dr. Lettieri has also published and lectured widely across the United States and world on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery as well as craniofacial Trauma and Pediatric Craniofacial Trauma. Currently, he is also involved in the creation of a definitive text of Facial Trauma – an enormous undertaking.
Dr. Lettieri’s medical training began at Wake Forest Medical Center wher e he was a North Carolina Board of Governors Scholar. Upon graduating from Wake Forest University, he completed both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Residencies at Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn.); he is currently boarded in each of these specialties. Dr. Lettieri also completed a Craniofacial and Microsurgery Fellowship at Johns Hopkins University/Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore. He accepted his first staff position at Duke University Medical Center and after five years accepted his current positions at Maricopa Medical Center and Mayo Clinic Rochester.

Congratulations from MIHS Dr. Lettieri on a well-deserved honor!

I love you Dr. L!!!! 
I hope this means you get a awesome parking spot with your name painted on it.
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