Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Denmark Ahoy!

I am headed on a plane to Paris today.
Mr. Nielson and I are meeting up with his other 10 siblings and spouses-
plus his parents in the motherland: DENMARK.
It is Boss Nielson and Mary's 50th anniversary!!!
It is going to be a beautiful trip and I am excited.
But right now I feel like Charlotte is doing this and wondering where I am:
I hate leaving my children.  Plus, a 10 + hour plane flight sounds horrible.
Yes, I do get nervous flying.
 No matter how hard I pretend I don't, I seriously do.
 It's a very horrible feeling. 
 I get nervous inside and then have sort of a nervous breakdown 
and maybe cry...yes, I will probably definitely cry.

I will get over this, and blog from overseas.  Wish me luck ;)