Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Little Nies: Letter #7

Hey guys,
Are you so excited that it's movie night tonight?
How is cousin Savy doing babysitting you all?  Are you being helpful, good, kind, and doing what she asks?  I hope so!!
Well, daddy and I had another fun day here in Denmark.
As I told you yesterday, all of daddy's brothers, sisters and GrandMary and Grandpa are gone.
They all went to other countries in Europe left.
Daddy and I decided to stay on the island of Bornholm.

Today we got in the car and went to another church where Peter Nielson's family attended.

We pulled up to it and there was no one there.
It was very quiet, but the door was open so we went in.  It was awesome!
Daddy's favorite part was the cool ship that was hanging in the middle of the chapel.  

Mostly what we both wanted to do was drive the car from one end of the island to the other.
We did that in about 3 hours stopping for lunch and a few neat shops when we saw something that looked cool along the way.
We pulled over when we saw a sign that read "Baltic Sea glass."
We went inside and watched as they took some of that very fine
Baltic sand and made glass with it.  Then they created amazing goblets,
wine glasses, rings, vases, and other neat things.
I wanted to buy some glasses for us but they were super expensive and
we didn't know how to get them home anyway.
Maybe next time?!
We went on the boardwalk that lead out to the beautiful Baltic Sea.
The sand is amazing; white and super fine, but I think I already told you guys that.

Daddy and I are exhausted. We came home after touring the island and fell asleep in our hotel. 
Our hotel is beautiful and overlooks the sea.  We both can't get over that we are here.
Dad is so happy.
I am homesick for you guys, and miss mugging on Charlotte!!!! 
Only a few more days until I come home.  I am ready.
We are heading back to Copenhagen this evening to spend on last day there.
Then we travel to Paris and spend one more day there, then we fly home!!!

Have a great weekend you sweet little monkeys!  I love you so much.
I can't wait to see you!

Love you-