Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dear Little Nies: Letter # 5

Hi Children!!

Wow, what a day!!!
Daddy and I woke up because grandpa Russ called us and said:
"Where are you guys?  Everyone is downstairs waiting in the lobby for you!!"
We had slept in!!  Oops!!  The time change still is hard for us!!

We rushed to get ready, ate a Danish for breakfast and we were off on our daily adventure.

The island of Bornholm is beautiful.  Colorful houses, green green grass all
surrounded by the Baltic sea.  It's pretty gorgeous!

Daddy and I keep saying how we can't wait to bring you guys here with us! 

We drove in the car with Uncle Mark and Aunt Sarah and followed the rest of the group to a little chapel called Boldiskirke.  This is where Peter Nielson was Christened as a infant in 1824.
We discovered that the Nielson family (which originally were NIELSEN}
attended that very same church for nearly 700 years!!!

We sat in the chapel and Grandpa had each of us read a little part of Peter Nielson's diary.
Stories about his life, his conversion, and his family.  It was a very neat experience for all of us-
but especially daddy.  He was very emotional- this is very special for him because this is his blood.

Outside of the chapel was a little cemetery and a lot of dead people with names like Gilbord and Jens.

After we went into Nexø-(small little town) and had lunch.  We went to another small side street bakery and had delicious fresh pastries.
 {Daddy with all of his brothers in front of Peter's church}
Aunt Sarah and I eyed a little vintage thrift store as we were driving around and of course we went back after lunch and of course I found some treasures!  A darling bust of King Christian when he was Charlotte's age.  I am going to put that in Lottie's room.  I also found a small original oil painting in a awesome gold frame of a Denmark landscape.  I was pretty excited!
I am still on the lookout for a special something for each of you!

{Skipping rocks}
 {Daddy taking a photo of Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mark}
We drove back to the hotel and Daddy and I decided to go swimming in the Baltic Sea.
It was FREEZING!  Daddy said the water was probably 38 degrees!  But I brought my long swimming suit and it wasn't so bad.  In fact, we had so much fun we got in the water a few times.
I pretended I was The Little Mermaid and daddy was Eric.  Just kidding.
 {Taking the plunge with Daddy in the Baltic Sea}
We ran back to our hotel room and sat out on the deck enjoying the warmth of the sun.
We again talked about our big plans of bringing you out with us and enjoying the sites of your amazing history and ancestors.

I love you guys so very much, and miss you terribly!!!

Love, Mom

PS: Jane: daddy gathered two large bags of Baltic Sea sand.  It is the coolest sand you will ever see.  It is super duper fine and white.  Its beautiful!  We are going to search for some cool little jars here and put the sand in them for each of you.  You can also take some for your teacher, because I know she collects sand from all over the world.