Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dear Little Nies: Letter #4

 Dear Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas, and baby Charlotte,

Hello my sweet dear children!  How was you day?
Daddy and I woke up extra early today and had a very long breakfast.
It is so fun to eat all of the unique Danish food; cheeses with bread and jam, all kinds of danishes, and lots and lots of Nutella!
We spent most of the day with uncle Peter and Aunt Darin walking around the city.
This was the last day we were in Copenhagen, and we tried to see as much as we could.
So, we visited three more churches.
{The spiral church, and me and Daddy at the top}
One of the churches we visited was called "Church of Our Saviour".
It is very tall and has a spiral staircase to the tippy-top.
We climbed the stairs and then I got a little dizzy and climbed right back down.
But the view was amazing!  We could see all over Copenhagen!
The chapel area in this church was my favorite yet.
Inside it is crafted with darling little cherubs and very ornate woodwork around the organ.
Daddy was especially excited to visit the Trinitatis Church in central Copenhagen
because that is the church where Peter Nielson and his wife Helena were married!
The streets are so colorful and daddy loved the sailboats.  The streets smelled of waffles cones, ice cream and sea water.  It was pleasant and refreshing.
Then daddy bought me some licorice Danish ice cream.
I really, really l loved it!  Oliver, you would NOT love it, but Jane and Claire, you probably would.
I tried to guess the kind of ice cream I thought each of you would like.
They had over 40 different flavors. 

 {The sun came in and out and in and out all day.}
I was tired after walking and climbing so many stairs at all these beautiful church's!  We got a delicious Danish and hummus sandwich at a shop along the busy streets near the metro station.
All of us settled in the metro for the hour trip to the ferry.
I slept the whole way there and don't even remember it much. 
Finally we woke up and walked a short distance to the ferry which took us to
the beautiful island of Bornholm.
Bornholm is where Peter was born.  We are excited to venture out and explore the island tomorrow.
I can't wait to take pictures and tell you all about it!
Daddy and I are talking about taking a dip in the 32 degrees Baltic sea.
Do you dare me?

I love you.  I hope you are happy, healthy and doing your homework

Love, Mom.

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