Monday, May 06, 2013

Dear Little Nies: Letter #3

Dear Little Nies,
Hi guys!  It was so fun to face time with you yesterday!
I miss you, but I am having such a good time with daddy.
Copenhagen is such a fun city, lots of little shops and did you know that Lego's were invented in Denmark?  We see lego shops all over too.
The boys would love it!
Do you know what else is cool? everyone rides bikes EVERYWHERE!
You should see how many bikes are all over the city. They have huge parking lots full of bikes.

{Dad in a bike parking lot} 
We went to two castles over the weekend.  One castle called Frederiksborg Palace.
King Christian IV (where daddy got his name) built and lived in it.  It is also were the beautiful paintings by Carl Bloch are.  It was amazing to see them close up- it took my breath away.
I will always remember that special feeling I felt as daddy and I wandered that beautiful castle room.
We also went to the Kronborg Slot.  This castle was cool because it is the castle that Shakespeare uses in his play Hamlet
{You will most likely read that play in high school.}
There is about a mile of Baltic sea in between Denmark and Sweden.  Cool!
 {See Sweden over there?}
It was a chilly and very windy day and I kind of wish I would have brought a hat.
On Sunday we woke up and all of us took a bus to church.
{Me and dad in front of the Denmark church}
It was fun to be in the Mormon church in Denmark!  I love that almost anywhere you go in the world, you can find and feel the spirit that can only be felt in a LDS church.
I hope you remember that you are never alone in the world,
the church is everywhere and will bring you great comfort.

 {In front of the Denmark Temple}
We also walked a few blocks down to the Denmark temple.
I wished I could have gone inside- but it was closed.
We also went to see where the original Christus was.
{It was really cold and I am wearing uncle David's jacket}
I had tears in my eyes, it was so surreal.
I am so thankful for these experiences that add to my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and the plan for our family.
I want you guys to know that I know the Savior lives!
He died and atoned for our sins
so we could gain experiences in this life to grow and be happy.
I believe this with all my heart, and travelling and seeing so many wonderful things makes me grateful for this knowledge.
I am so thankful I am with daddy.  We are having such a fun time together.
We laugh and cry and share these amazing experiences together. It is beautiful.
He also took me home because I had a stomach ache and threw up a few times in the hotel room.
I need to slow down and take my time.
{Plus when I am freezing he gives me his coat and rubs my arms until I warm up}.
{ A little street in Denmark}
I love you guys so much- I'll write tomorrow.  We are headed on a ferry to Bornholm- where Peter Nielson was born- this is where is all began kids!
We have such a great heritage- say your prayers and thank God for such a wonderful life we live.
I miss you so much!!

Love, Mom.
 P.S. Do you recognize these peeps??

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